Sunday’s NYT: The Drive-by Edition

Maybe it’s so cold up there the Recession froze half way down.

Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed that as part of this he decides to revive the Federal Writers Project.

Considering the last eight years this definition includes a whole lot of people. Also? After the last eight years maybe we can hold off complaining about smart people.

Work is feeling more and more like a Skinner box.

The Last Temptation of Plastic.

Behold! All good things, and ministries, continue to be good online.

Also, avoid manhole covers.

Get ready, this is just the beginning.

Here’s an explanation of Moody’s and also why they maybe weren’t on the watch. Probably, this is only beginning of this sort of thing also.

Fight over them all you want, the point is to keep buying them!

Charles Wyman Morse, a financial falcon and virtuoso flimflammer.

This sort of thing just feels like a relief these days. Pretty pictures!

The clarion call of Prop 8 continues to ring.

“I know: publishers say they print garbage so that real literature, which seldom makes any money, can find its way into print. True, to a point. But some of them print garbage so they can buy more garbage. There was a time when I wanted to be like Sting, the singer, belting out, “Roxanne …” I guess that’s why we have karaoke, for fantasy night. If only there was such a thing for failed plumbers, politicians or celebrities who think they can write.”