Sunday’s “CMS” Discusses Future Of Newspapers

The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown, CNN’s Gloria Borger, Time‘s Joe Klein and WaPo‘s Bob Woodward joined Chris Matthews on this Sunday’s show to discuss a topic near and dear to our readers’ hearts- the future of newspapers.

“I’m really optimistic about journalism,” Woodward said. “It’s a period of deep trauma but there’s life at the end.”

“Yeah, I blog now… but I’m sure I’d go into withdrawl if I couldn’t pick up the daily newspaper and flip a page and see a story that I didn’t expect to see at all,” said Klein, who will celebrate a 40th anniversary in this business this fall.

“Newspapers are essential to understanding complicated stories,” said Matthews, who also pointed out he always find something he hasn’t seen before in the paper’s A section.

You don’t have to question Woodward’s devotion to newspapers. “If I went out on my front doorstep and the newspapers weren’t there and somebody came and said I’ll sell them to you for $20 a piece, I would pay it.”

Matthews asked what will you be reading five years from now? All agreed the news will be online. Check out the rest of their interesting discussion here.