Sunday Shows, Part I

So Ted Kennedy made a little bit of history when he sat down with Tim Russert Sunday: “Meet the Press” became the #1 Sunday morning talk show for five years running. “Meet the Press” has now won all 260 weeks since July 30, 2000, when, in ratings parlance, all the Sunday programs were at “full coverage” (which basically excludes holiday weekends and times when sporting events or special coverage pre-empted the shoes).

Sunday saw the show attract just over 4 million households to CBS’ “Face the Nation’s” 2.9 million, ABC “This Week’s” 2.8 million, and FOX “News Sunday’s” 1.3 million.

The milestone, NBC brags, represents the “first time since the start of people meters (September 1987 and as far back as NBC News Research records go) that a Sunday morning public affairs program has been top rated for five years in a row.”

As David Bauder notes, as much as it may pain Arianna Huffington, there’s no sense of the Russert juggernaut slowing: “He’s in the midst of a 12-year contract with NBC News that runs through the election of 2012.”