Sunday Show Ratings: Battle of the Guest Hosts

Last weekend, guest moderators filled in for each of the Big Four’s Sunday public affairs shows: Savannah Guthrie moderated “Meet The Press,” Jake Tapper hosted “This Week,”  Norah O’Donnell was in for “Face The Nation,” and Bret Baier took on “FOX News Sunday.”  Despite the fact that one week is no real indication of a host’s star power, we decided to see  how the next generation of network talent fared in the Sunday show ratings game for the week of August 21, 2011, anyhow:

Total Viewers: With Guthrie at the wheel of “MTP,” NBC stayed on top with 2.824 million total viewers.  Norah O’Donnell and CBS pulled in 2.399 million viewers and a second place win over Jake Tapper and “This Week” which pulled in 2.123 million sets of eyes.  And Baier took fourth with 1.239 million viewers for “Fox News Sunday.”

Washington, D.C.: “Meet the Press” and Guthrie placed first in the market with 94,000 viewers.  Bret Baier and “FOX News Sunday” pulled 51,000 viewers, taking the second place spot over O’Donnell’s 45,000 viewers of “Face The Nation.”  With only 19,000 Washingtonians watching, Tapper and “This Week” finished last.