Sunday Show Preview

  • Meet The Press: Sen. Chuck Schumer, ex-Rep. Tom Andrews, ex-House Maj. Leader Tom DeLay, AEI’s Richard Perle and Rep. Joe Sestak.

  • Face The Nation: Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

  • This Week: Sens. Patrick Leahy and John Cornyn and National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley.

  • Fox News Sunday: Former U.S. attorneys Bud Cummins and David Iglesias and Sens. Arlen Specter and John Kerry and Obama for America’s Alyssa Mastromonaco.</strong

  • Late Edition: Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and Rep. John Murtha.

  • C-SPAN’s Newsmakers: Rep. Ellen Tauscher. Carolyn Lochhead of the San Francisco Chronicle and Mike Doyle of the McClatchy will participate with C-SPAN in the questioning.

  • The Chris Matthews Show: Washington Post Writers Group’s Kathleen Parker, BBC’s Katy Kay, New York magazine’s John Heilemann and Newsweek’s Howard Fineman.