Sundance Dispatch: Good Dick

From FBLA contributor Andrea Wachner on assignment at Sundance.

Wow. There was a Martin Starr day and there was a Bill Pullman day, but today was a Martin Starr-Bill Pullman extravaganza day of days. It started with me finally getting into a screening of Good Dick, a film written directed produced and acted by Marianna Palka who is my new lady hero. Not only was it an amazing movie but she also did me a solid and cast one Mr. Martin Starr.

Jason Ritter was talk-about-all-day-and-write-about-at-night good. Every time Martin appeared on the screen I clutched my heart with both manos. But then, I had the good fortune to get admitted to the Phoebe In Wonderland party where I got to take a second swing at a conversation with Mr. Pullman!

I also got my free pair of spicy vegan kicks courtesy of Asics, so Sunday made my feet and heart full.