Sumner: ”I Only Want to do What’s Good for Shari.”


Last month’s reconciliation dinner at Il Postino has apparently had a lasting effect on Viacom’s mercurial Chairman. When questioned, Sumner Redstone refused to talk about the buyout he proposed in a letter to Forbes. Instead Redstone had only positive things to say about the daughter’s leadership at National Amusements. The Boston Herald caught up to Sumner after a speech he gave on illegal file sharing at the Boston University School of Law:

”’My daughter’s main responsibility has been running the movie chain,’ Redstone, a Boston native, told the Herald following a speech at Boston University’s School of Law. ‘She is No. 1, in my opinion, in that area. She’s innovative. She’s creative. Shari has done a sensational job.”’

Sumner Redstone has had a history of falling out with both his children and his executives. Earlier this year Redstone and his son Brent settled a lawsuit over his share of the family business.

(image via msnbc)