Sumi Wrestling With Muji


Oh, Muji, we love thee. Your quietly-branded office supplies are the stigma-free tools that designers dream about. You stack our desks with addictive hyper-functional acrylic organizational pieces. Your housewares, accessories and toys–like this “sausage dog”–are so minimalistically delicious without ever being precious. And the rules for your first-ever International Design Award are just as bafflingly simple, yet full of character:

“The theme is SUMI

The objective is not to design something that is placed in the middle of the room, but towards the edges, not at the centre and not directly around the centre; you should look for somewhere that evades the eye, send us an object designed for that place, and name it as you wish.
We are not asking for any particular genre, it could be anything from furniture, stationery and office equipment, to everyday items.”

Thanks, Core77.