Sulake launches API for Habbo Hotel game platform

Sulake today announced it’s opened an API for developers to create games on its Habbo Hotel gaming platform.

The new API provides developers with a means to publish both existing and new games on Habbo Hotel. While devs will still have to run the apps they create on their own servers, the API provides access to Habbo Hotel’s social graph and monetization features. Sulake tells us it usually takes less than a week to use the API to integrate a game onto the platform.

Habbo Hotel has proven a long-running success story for Sulake. The game has over 4 million monthly active users worldwide and is localized in 12 languages; these figures are especially notable because the Habbo Hotel’s marketed towards the oft-overlooked tween audience.

When we last heard from Sulake when we had the opportunity to sit down with CEO Paul LaFontaine at Casual Connect and talk about how Habbo Hotel was recovering after being caught up in a child safety scandal after the U.K.-based Channel 4 News ran a damning report claiming the title was a safe-haven for pedophiles and child molesters. The company’s response was immediate, starting with muting all conversation in the game while long-term safety plans were reviewed. After that, the company allowed users to have input on the future of the game with its “Great Unmute” event and dramatically increasing spending on moderation and user security.

Developers who are interested in the API can visit the official Habbo Hotel developer page, while any questions about the platform and developing for it can be sent to games at sulake dot com.