Sue Simmons Returns to TV as Law & Order Reporter

Her long-awaited TV news return was professional, albeit fictitious, but her casting was perfect!

Sue Simmons made her first television appearance since her divorce from WNBC in June. The anchor with 32 years of service at Channel 4 was hired as a reporter for the two-part season premiere of NBC’s Law & Order: SVU that aired last night, and there she was again on Channel 4.

Simmons was featured briefly three times during the two hours. Her first “scene” lasted approximately 20 seconds reporting the “breaking news” of the police commissioner’s resignation, watched from a hotel television. Those who stuck around for the second-half of the intense, extended episode were rewarded with more Sue.

In part two, Simmons was shown directly out of a commercial break on a TV in the show’s watering hole. Simmons appearing to be on the steps of criminal court in lower Manhattan giving another quick, flawless “breaking news” report before Richard Belzer heard enough.

Simmons had final moment in concluding the story arc. Not only did she have her longest on-air portion (about 30 seconds), but it was done as an actual report, seen directly on the screen without having to peer into a television. Simmons continued the report as a voice-over to the multiple arrests.

No word if she’ll have a recurring role as herself on the longtime NBC drama.

On Tuesday night, Simmons appeared on Joy Behar’s Current TV show, giving her first interview since leaving WNBC.