Sue Davis Is On The Fast Track To Success

That’s right: Less than one year after leaving CongressDaily to join Roll Call, Susan Davis is leaving to join the Wall Street Journal, where she will become its lead reporter for the Washington Wire blog.

“Based in Washington, Susan will do original reporting and analysis of politics and policy news, including 2008 campaign coverage, for the blog,” write Jerry Seib & Bill Grueskin in a note to staffers. “Susan will also help her bureau colleagues generate posts for Washwire, as well as create multimedia features for She will report to Mary Lu Carnevale in the DC bureau and Lex Kaptik on the News Desk.”

>UPDATE: Roll Call’s announcement:

    We are both pleased and saddened to announce that Susan Davis will soon be leaving Roll Call to join the Wall Street Journal, where she will be the lead reporter for the Washington Wire site, We are very happy for Sue, because she certainly deserves this opportunity, and we are pleased that the premier news organizations in the country continue to recognize that Roll Call produces great journalists. But we are sad to be losing a fine colleague and friend from the newsroom. Sue has done a great job in her year here covering the House, regularly breaking news and beating the competition on all kinds of stories. Please wish Sue well in her new job. She will be leaving Roll Call at the end of August.