Sudoku Solver Takes Off on Facebook

Sudoko lovers, there’s a Facebook application called Sudoku Solver that’s right up your alley. Developed by HashCube, Suduko Solver is a free Sudoku game that you can play right inside of Facebook. Given the successful trend Sudoko has seen, it’s not entirely surprising that this application is among the fastest growing on Facebook. Now, I’m pretty good at word games but numbers just turn my brain to mush. So Sudoku isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. But there are a few features on Sudoku Solver that make the Facebook application a little more appealing than the physical Sudoku books everyone’s carrying around under their arms.

The games keep your time, and show your progress as you play. The Sudoku board itself is color-coded, making the problems and solutions a little clearer for you. If that doesn’t help you enough, there are a couple of options for actually solving the Sudoku puzzle; you can solve the whole thing, or just one step at a time. You can also undo moves. Additionally, there are options to print the puzzle, or load a new random game.

As you win more games, your Sudoku Solver stats improve, and you move up in rank. The stats section is where the Sudoku Solver app gets a bit more social. You can view your stats, and view the stats of your friends. There’s also a leaderboard, where you can see the Facebook users that have the overall highest scores. As the Sudoku game itself doesn’t lend itself well to social game play, the Sudoku Solver application still manages to layer in some decent socialization capabilities.

The growth for Sudoku Solver has really taken off in the past two weeks, where we saw the monthly active users jump from just under 8,000 to over 68,000. The developer’s network approach to Facebook gaming applications may have something to do with this significant growth, as the team’s two other games, DotGame and LoopTheLoop, are both accessible from Sudoku Solver. Comparatively, Sudoku Solver is the only Facebook app from this development team that is seeing growth right now. Both DotGame and LoopTheLoop are experiencing a drop in traffic, though LoopTheLoop still retains nearly 80,000 monthly active users.

The HashCube development team itself has a number of games in addition to those offered on Facebook, including iPhone versions of most of its games such as Sudoku Solver. So in taking an approach similar to that of Zynga and SGN, HashCube is not only diversifying its potential for growth, but tying the web-based computer gaming experience to the mobile experience as well.

If you are big on Sudoku and want to start playing, go install Sudoku Solver.

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