Sudarsan Raghavan Next Post Baghdad Bureau Chief

Post AME Foreign David Hoffman sent the following internal notice to Post employees late yesterday:

    In Iraq, a transition – and an opening

    We’re pleased to announce that Sudarsan Raghavan has agreed to become our next bureau chief in Baghdad, succeeding Ellen Knickmeyer, whose tour will conclude at the end of the year.

    Since April of last year, Ellen has led us through some of the most grueling months of the Iraq war. As bureau chief, she not only set the tone for our journalism with a hard-nosed realism, she also successfully managed the immense risks. After a break, her next assignment will take her to Cairo to cover the Arab world.

    Sudarsan has just returned from a tour in Iraq that showcased his talent for enterprise, including the amazing story of Tobji, a neighborhood plunged into sectarian violence after a conflict over the price of a block of ice. We’re thrilled that he’s agreed to take on this difficult new challenge.

    We are now looking for a full-time reporter to join Sudarsan, as well as volunteers for short-term temporary assignments in Baghdad. We urge all reporters who might be interested to contact us.

    We would also like to hear from people who might have an interest in reporting in the Arab world in general.

    The Iraq assignment is an extremely demanding job, one that tests reporting and writing skills, stamina, judgment and commitment. The work involves long days, reporting on topics that are opaque, working in an environment where mobility is limited and hazards ever-present. But the rewards are also large, as seen by the distinguished coverage our colleagues have created in the last few years. These assignments also offer a potential pathway to other postings as a foreign correspondent. We are looking for candidates interested in all aspects of the conflict: the military and soldiering; the Iraqi people and politics; reconstruction, oil, Islam, and more. We place a high value on teamwork.

    The newspaper is committed to the highest and best training and protection of our people in the war zone.