Stuller Diamonds? There’s an App for That

LAS VEGAS Stuller has partnered with Gemvision on an iPhone application that allows users to pick out diamond engagement rings, try them on for size (using an image of their own hands), share the image with friends and find jewelers to make their purchases.

The new app is called “Live Diamond Try-On (brought to you by Red Box Diamonds).” The application will be offered for free to iPhone users beginning in late summer via the app store, said Kerry Hand, Stuller’s executive director of marketing services and public relations.

Hand and Ryan Koning, director of advertising, communications and events for Gemvision, explained how the program would work.

The app prompts users to choose a diamond by carat size and shape, and then a mounting by precious-metal color, either white or yellow. There are a limited number of ring styles currently available through the application, but these include classics and additional choices that feature side stones.

After users make diamond and precious-metal color selections, it’s time for the virtual try-on, accomplished by taking hand pictures via the iPhone camera. Then, using the touch screen, users can position the ring onto the picture of their hands, adjusting for a perfect fit. The iPhone can also be held directly on the hand with the image tilted to enjoy the “sparkle” of the diamond image.

Hand pictures with the chosen rings can now be e-mailed to friends and family or posted on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

At this point, iPhone users can also track down where to find the ring through the “find a jeweler” function of the Live Diamond Try-On application, which uses the phone’s GPS function to pull up Google maps and place virtual pins on the nearest Red Box Diamond Jewelers, ranking each one selected based on proximity, Hand said.

“This is the beauty of the application. It drives consumers to dream big and them pushes them to spend big with Red Box Diamond retailers,” Hand said.

The new application is one of a number of new programs Stuller is offering that are designed to let jewelers take advantage of digital technologies to give consumers expanded options. During the JCK Las Vegas show, Stuller also unveiled the Virtual Diamond Selector program, which allows retail jewelers to go online with customers to choose from 10,000 diamonds by size, shape or color, and the Customized Earring Program, which provides retail jewelers with the chance to customize a pair of diamond earrings exactly the way the customer wants them.

Another new option, Stuller’s 3D Ring Engraver, allows retail jewelers to personalize a wedding band while sitting in the store with their customer, who can choose a unique message and a particular font, and then get a dynamic 3D preview of what the ring will look like once it is inscribed.

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