Stuff Folds Into Maxim

It’s now official. October will be the last month for Stuff, the Dennis publication laddie magazine. As was widely reported at the beginning of the month, Stuff will fold into Maxim now that Quadrangle Capital Partners’ Alpha Media Group has completed their $240 million acquisition of Dennis Publishing. Last night’s September issue celebration was at Trump Tower.

From Adage: “Everyone was there, of course, including Editor-in-Chief Dan Bova, who had been on vacation when one round of reports on Stuff‘s imminent demise hit; Publisher John Lumpkin; and Kelly Rae, the fashion and grooming director who had been at Stuff practically its entire life.

“‘It’s a great way to go out, with dignity and style,’ said one brave-faced Stuff executive, looking around at the elegant Trump Tower atrium. ‘Stuff magazine’s come a long way in nine years.'”

Stuff will live on as the “Stuff for Men” section in Maxim.

Ron Mwangaguhunga