STUDY: No One Trusts Media, Tech, or Advertising

Shocking results, we know.


Here’s an interesting and even somewhat surprising survey conducted by the 4A’s (or the American Association of Advertising Agencies) and pitched to AdAge but not to us, sad face.

The results, in short: 1,005 Americans questioned by the group have very little trust in media, marketers, tech companies, or advertisers.

In fact, the ad/marketing industry ranked below even classic villains like corporate lawyers, professional athletes, Big Pharma, and, yes, the US Congress.

This comical graph shows that the average Joe/Jane on the street has a whole lot of confidence in his or her own ability to “practice integrity” but doesn’t think anyone else has what it takes — especially if that other person is selling a good or service that does not involve medical treatment.

adage graphic

There was a bit about Americans’ lack of trust in ALL news sources, but you already knew that. One relevant detail: all of the most-trusted orgs named by participants were TV news entities despite the obvious lack of trust in “cable news” and the fact that newspaper writers scored higher than talking heads.

(Dr. Oz was nowhere to be found.)

We’re probably most surprised by Silicon Valley’s poor showing given how sincerely many tech CEOs believe that every breath they take makes the world a better place.

At least consumers are skeptical. And most people can’t possibly hate advertisers as much as they hate themselves.

Check out the full writeup.