StubHub for Windows Phone Lets Buy and Manage Selling Tickets Right on the Phone

StubHub, part of eBay, is a ticket resale marketplace company. Its service lets you both buy and sell tickets for all kinds of live events. It has created partnerships with a large nubmer of companies to provide a secure transaction for this tickets (New York Yankees, Washington Redskins and the University of Southern California along with
nearly 60 teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAA, complemented with companies such as ESPN and AOL

StubHub just released a free app for Windows Phone that lets you find events, see seat locations, share information about an event, search for events, find tickets and see information about places surrounding an event venue (parking, restaurants, etc.). Ticket sellers can also use the app to adjust prices right up until the ticket sells.

StubHub Mobile

The app has a mixed bag of reviews so far. Some app users have had good experiences. But, there is a group of users complaining about error message related to inability to get data as well as app slowness. One user notes that the app and service does not provide any events for the State of Alaska. So, your mileage may vary when trying out this app.