Strike Watch: Neither Rain Nor Hail Stops Picket


Neither torrential rain, nor hail, nor Friday stopped the Writers Guild of America, East from their uptown picket this afternoon. From WGA spokeswoman Sherry Goldman’s strike recap email:

”Today, the WGAE held a ‘large-scale’ picket outside the One Life To Live Studios on West 66 Street off of Central Park West. Despite the torrential rain that was sometimes accompanied by hail, the spirits of the striking Writers Guild members were not dampened. More than 125 hearty striking WGAE members continued to show their solidarity by taking part in today’s picket. When their rain-soaked picket signs were too drenched to handle, the writers wrote their messages on their yellow rain slickers, which became billboards proclaiming the ‘On Strike’ message. Their favorite chant of the day was ‘We’re wet, we’re cold, but we will not fold.”

The boldfacers among the soaked picketers included: WGA Picket Perfect Attendance award winner and SNL head writer Seth Meyers, Tom Fontana, WGAE President Michael Winship, 30 Rock’s Tina Fey, Law and Order’s Vincent D’Onofrio and Katie Erbe, and others.

(image via clipart)