Strike Watch: Best Of The Blogs


An anonymous video is making the rounds on the writers’ strike blogs contradicting the claims that media moguls are making about the profitability of digital content.

Gothamist’s John del Signore interviewed the busy John Oliver of The Daily Show during Tuesday’s picketing in Battery Park. Gothamist: But while you’re on the picket line are you still coming up with great ideas for The Daily Show?

”JO: Sure. You get trained to look at any serious situation and think, ‘That could be funny.’ When I saw that emergency powers were being announced by Musharraf in Pakistan, it’s not ideal that my first reaction is, ‘Oh, that could definitely be funny.’ That’s not the sign of a balanced human being! But that’s just the way it is. I also find it really difficult to know they’re not talking now. It’s inexcusable! Even if it’s in tense silence for ten hours a day, I can’t see any reason to not sit in a room when you’ve got people’s lives on the line. I can’t see any reason why that’s defensible.”

— From the StrikePoints blog, on how to recognize the strikers in the rain at the Viacom building: ”We’ll be the crowd who isn’t waiting to get on TRL. At least most of us.”

(image via timesquarecam)