Still Using Ringtones? Electric Pocket Ringtone Remix Might Interest You

I gave up on ringtones years ago because:

1. I could never actually hear my phone ringing in even semi-noisy situations
2. Nearly all the ringtones provided by my phone or created by me became annoying after a few rings
3. The one ringtone I could tolerate (old style telephone ring) was so common I could not determine when my phone was the actual one ringing

What do I do these days: I set my phone to vibrate. I’ve noticed that most of the cell phones I hear ringing do not seem to use custom ringtones (songs, etc.). However, if custom ringtones appeals to you in this day and age, Electric Pocket has what appears to be an interesting iPhone app for you.

Ringtone Remix Pro (99 cents)

Ringtone Remix Lite (free)

Its graphical waveform view helps you choose just the right section of a song. And, it even has a “magic button” to help you find a good section to use as a ringtone. Ringtones can be archived on Dropbox directly from the app. The free Lite version’s major limitation seems to be a limit of a 30 second ringtone. But, that seems plenty long to me.