Stewart Alsop Says the Droid is Truly Terrible – I Think it is OK – Similar Experiences, Different Expectations

When venture capitalist Stewart Alsop (also former InfoWorld editor-in-chief) speaks, people listen. So, this little item from the Alsop Louie Partners blog got a lot of attention and reblogging (including here)…

Droid Doesn’t: It’s Not Ready For Prime Time

Steward doesn’t mince words. He starts the blog with: The Motorola Droid is truly terrible, in part because it has such promise (and has been amazingly well reviewed – I worry I’m missing something). Ironically, most of the blame for the cruddiness of the phone really should be laid at Google’s feet, not Motorola’s.

I’ve noted my share of issues with the Droid hardware and Android software. But, unlike the T-Mobile G1, I didn’t return the Droid during its grace period. So, it is a keeper for now. Does Mr. Alsop’s criticisms hold up to reasonably satisfied Droid owner like me? Let’s see what he has to say:

1. The keyboard is horrible: Yep, completely agree. It is the biggest disappointment for me so far.
2. The camera button doesn’t work: Yep, same here.
3. Google and third party apps don’t work: I’ve had a couple of issues but have not had major problems so far.
4. Missed calls, lost calls, misdialed calls, pocket dialed calls. Have not had those problems so far. My T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2, on the other hand has had all of those problems (unlike the Dash and Nokia N96 that I used on the same account).
5. The camera overtaxes the device: Yep, I’ve had the camera stop working requiring a reboot.

So, it general, I’ve had similar, though perhaps less intense, problems with my Droid. I should note that the same issues could be raised when speaking about the HTC Touch Pro2 which seems to get very good reviews (except from me).

I think the difference between Mr. Alsop and me is the expectation level each of us had with regard to the Droid. Mr. Alsop apparently had extremely high expectations. On the other hand, I had relatively low expectations based on my experience with the T-Mobile G1 in 2008. So, he found less than he expected while I found a much better system and experience compared to the G1.