Reporter Rides Along with LA’s Real-Life ‘Nightcrawlers’

The TMZ revolution has certainly changed the make-up of those roaming Southern California for exclusive video footage. But at least one parallel beat remains relatively unchanged: the overnight chase of breaking crime and car crash news powering the new Jake Gyllenhaal drama Nightcrawler.


In honor of this cinematic synergy, LA Times entertainment reporter Steven Zeitchik recently checked out the highlighted journalism graveyard shift. Among the leaders in the field is RMG News, who consulted on the movie:

These are men who know your mother’s advice that nothing good happens after 2 a.m. and like it that way, choosing to work the freeways and police scanners long after the last unionized news cameraman and (nearly every other sane Angeleno) has hit the pillow…

Like [Gyllenhaal’s film character] Bloom, the Raishbrooks [brothers Austin, Howard and Marc] are daredevils with a camera or vultures with a mercenary streak, depending on how you view them (though, in an age of citizen journalism and declining TV news budgets, their business is also beset by numerous challenges).

The term “nightcrawler,” though invented for the movie, has worked its way into the lingo of at least one RMG competitor. The Raishbrooks were previously featured on the TruTV reality series Stringers: LA.

Read the rest of Zeitchik’s article here.

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