Steve Jobs’ House Demolishing Battle Must Return to Court

An update on the ongoing battle Apple‘s Steve Jobs has been fighting with the town of Woodside, California for this past decade over a George Washington Smith-designed house he wants to tear down and rebuild on the land (our last report on the war was back in late April). After the last court date back in May where Jobs’ lawyers were once again pleading his case while preservationists were also pleading theirs, a state judge has now called them all back to court come June 23rd, Bloomberg reports, saying that the group, Uphold Our Heritage, has complained that the Jobs camp has yet to fully explain “the benefits of the demolition” and “show that they have researched alternatives.” So it’s back into the fray for the lot of them and we’re guessing, based off prior meetings, that the 23rd won’t be the end of this. Here’s a bit:

Woodside’s town council postponed until June 23 a vote on the demolition because the permit paperwork wasn’t ready, Woodside Town Manager Susan George said in an interview. The town’s lawyers advised the council to vote on the permit regardless of Uphold Our Heritage’s court filing, George said.

Proceeding with the vote and the permit before [San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Marie Weiner] has heard arguments is a “risk,” said a lawyer for Uphold Our Heritage lawyer, Doug Carstens, in an interview. “The proper thing to do is to make sure the judge is satisfied before they think of demolishing anything.”