CEO Author Wants Readers to Write Ending of Third Book

Colorado CEO Steve Bederman writes what he likes to call “corporate thrillers.” As he looks in the next few weeks to complete a trilogy begun with The CEO and Executive Edition, he is making a very unusual offer:

“Here and now, I offer a challenge: Read the first two books and then go to my website and send me what you believe the most exciting ending to this group of stories will be. I promise you that I will choose the ending from one of my reader’s comments. Once I do, I will bring that reader to Colorado for a weekend of skiing the Rockies and planning for the next book series. I beg you all to get involved. Let’s have fun with this.”

We’re not sure how great the overlap is between folks who like to enter literary contests and people who are good on skis. Still, it’s a hell of an offer, with Bederman planning to release Business as Usual by the end of 2011.

The main protagonist of Bederman’s series is 42-year-old Symbiotic Technologies CEO Mitch Jacobs, who becomes immersed in major corporate conspiracies while battling a  drug addiction. In the second book, he is kidnapped in Pakistan. Bederman’s books are published in hard copy by Solstice Publishing.