Steve Ballmer Gets a Little Excited About His New Basketball Team

A clip we somehow missed at EOD yesterday has helped us realize why Steve Ballmer may not have been the best fit for his former employer, Microsoft.

While Ballmer didn’t quite succeed in his ongoing attempt to make the tech dinosaur “cool”, he definitely convinced the folks in the crowd at yesterday’s L.A. Clippers press conference that he really likes basketball. Not that he ever played it, but you know…

We also think we’ve discovered the recently “retired” Ballmer’s true calling: a job as a WWE announcer.

Other things we learned from watching this throw down (which does get into rebranding strategy around the seven minute mark):

  • Steve loves L.A., so don’t hold the fact that he lives in Seattle against him
  • Steve may be able to shoot a decent free throw
  • As much as he loves the Clippers, his knowledge of their history may be a bit off. He promises “many, many, many, many more championships” when they’ve yet to win their first.

At least Ballmer is a  passionate professional. We’d call this a pretty decent launch for the “Making People Forget the Name Donald Sterling” project.

Some real athletes are less so. In not-quite-related news via Deadspin, check out the newest NFL superstar Johnny Manziel realizing (via the Browns’ PR chief) that he’s now in the big boy leagues — and that everyone can see him flipping people off.

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