From a Los Angeles-Bound Plane, Stephen Fry Blogs: Women DO Love Sex

After bidding another temporary farewell to Twitter on All Hallows Eve, British man of many talents Stephen Fry returned to the micro-blogging service today to clarify how his comments to “gay glossy” Attitude about women not enjoying sex were taken wholly out of context, causing a tea-and-crumpets furor.

What makes this LA-noteworthy is that Fry unleashed his fabulous, mega-blog item earlier today while on a plane bound from London to our fair city to host tonight’s BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards event. Ain’t technology grand?

Fry writes:

At some point [during the Attitude photo shoot], we chatted about gay sexuality – well, you would wouldn’t you, for a gay magazine? – and as part of that conversation I repeated the old canard about how men, unlike women, were cursed with their uniquely pressing and annoying libidos… I vamped for a while on that theme. I do not believe it as some kind of eternal gender truth, I was simply taking a thought for a walk, I was “playing gracefully with ideas” to repeat Oscar’s great phrase, or at least attempting to do so…

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I am sitting on an aeroplane writing a blog which tries to reassure the world that I am quite aware that women enjoy sex. No one can say my life isn’t unpredictable, interesting and … well, Fryish…

The in-flight November 4th blog post instantly ranks as one of the all-time greatest things penned in the wake of a standard issue flashpoint of 21st century media fumbling. Be sure to check it out when you have a moment.