Stephen Drucker, Editor of House Beautiful, Says His Shelter Mag Is Sturdy


With the demise of both House & Garden and Blueprint announced in the last two months, we can’t imagine any shelter pub is feeling tremendously confident closing out 2007. But according to an interview with Greg Lindsay, Stephen Drucker, editor in chief of House Beautiful, says their failures don’t mean the shelter world is coming tumbling down:

It doesn’t necessarily say anything about the rest of category. It’s terrible to see any magazine die, but you can also read too much into it. It’s a reflection of one magazine’s strategy and one company’s business. It’s like saying, because one store goes out on Madison Avenue, that “Uptown is dead.” They’re not really connected. There’s always competition, there’s always turmoil in media, things are constantly changing, and that’s the ins and outs of running a business. We’ve had enormous successes here in the last two years at House Beautiful, that really show you that it’s about creating a magazine for what the marketplace wants.

A former editor at Martha Stewart Living, Drucker says recent changes in the market are really no biggie to the ancient (1896!!!) magazine which has had to continuously evolve over the last century, including increasing the page size because, quite simply, “People buy shelter magazine because of the pictures. That’s what it’s all about.”