Stephen A. Smith Urges University Students Not to ‘Blow It’

ESPN host delivers Black History Month keynote at Middle Tennessee State University.

MTSULogoDuring a Black History Month keynote address Wednesday night at Middle Tennessee State University, the always-entertaining Stephen A. Smith dished out advice to a standing-room-only crowd at the student union the same way he has been this year to Kobe Bryant. Straight up and to the point.

From a summary of the event by Gina Logue:

“Corporate America doesn’t give a damn about you,” said Smith. “It does not care about your feelings. It wants productivity, and whoever doesn’t produce is going to be pushed out and the way is going to be paved for somebody else to step into your shoes who can do the job…”

In addition to praising [Skip] Bayless for bringing him to the [ESPN] show [Fresh Take], Smith cited a number of mentors and colleagues who helped him achieve his current level of success, emphasizing that no one progresses without help from others.

“History says it’s your time, and history mandates that you handle your business the way that you’re supposed to,” Smith said. “Your ancestors didn’t go through all they went through for you to blow it.”

Separately, Smith spoke to local reporters ahead of Wednesday’s university speech. Check out his thoughts on the anger in some circles over Beyoncé‘s Super Bowl Halftime Show target.

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