Stephen A. Smith Is On The Legal Warpath


Something interesting is going on with Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, who was memorably canned by the Philadelphia Inquirer. He’s lawyering up. Hardcore.

Backstory for the readers: Smith, a longtime sportswriter (and NYC native) for the Philadelphia Inquirer, began appearing on ESPN and broadcasting a daily radio show for them in 2005. A clash of personalities at the Inquirer ensued and an item publicly humiliating Smith was published this past August, announcing that they were demoting him from a columnist to a reporter. The Inquirer piece was a masterpiece of passive-aggressive undermining and Smith was livid (rightfully). He did not return to the Inky afterwards. There was speculation that Smith was considering legal action.

…And he is. Smith has attained the services of Willie Gary and Johnine Barnes, the Philadelphia Daily News reports.

Willie Gary’s nickname is “The Giant Killer” and he’s known for winning multi-million dollar suits against Disney and Anheuser-Busch (He’s also known for charging $22,000 an hour). As for Barnes, she’s a prominent DC attorney with a background in sports-related employment law.


1) Smith is out for blood.
2) He’s retained a lawyer who won a massive lawsuit against ESPN’s parent company. We’re sure his current employer will love that he’s retaining a lawyer who fought them in a case against his previous employer.

(Image via Bravesbeat)