Stephanopoulos’ Love Lemonade

If you were walking around Georgetown this past weekend, you may have spotted the Stephanopoulos family on the steps of their Georgetown mansion…with a lemonade stand. (Hat tip to our scruffy tipster.)

George and his wife, Ali Wentworth, oversaw the kids’ business, which — really — was quite a deal. Said our tipster: “While a Paris Hilton appearance could come with a $1 million + price tag, for a mere 50 cents lucky folks passing by got a chance to chat up Georgie…AND a refreshing glass of lemonade. Its times like that, when I REALLY love Washington.”

>UPDATE: And if you were working at at the Glover Park Washington Sports Club this morning, you would have seen George sporting the “I’m a celebrity” baseball cap and Henri-Lloyd shoes as he worked his abs with an Abs Cruncher.