STEP Inside Design, Dynamic Graphics Fold

Next into the fold of folded magazines? STEP inside design and Dynamic Graphics+Create. WebMediaBrands, the parent company of (the ones who keep us tethered to our Egg chairs here at UnBeige HQ), has closed the two bimonthly design magazines and eliminated eight of nine positions associated with the titles, which each had circulations of 20,000 to 25,000. “We are putting greater emphasis on the Web and we felt now was the time to move these titles exclusively online,” WebMediaBrands CEO Alan Meckler told our sister blog MediaJobsDaily.
Our prescription for coping with the loss of STEP inside design and Dynamic Graphics in tangible form? Denial, of course. And a rollicking interview with designer Chip Kidd, who talked with Sean Adams in STEP‘s March/April issue. Among the revelations are those of the sartorial variety. “The clothes that interest me, for myself, are what I would call Classic But Interesting, which means there has to be some sort of color involved,” said Kidd. “But I also buy very much for the long term, so whatever it is, it has to be wearable five years from now, ten years, twenty, etc. It should be noted that I try to apply this rule to my book jackets as well.”