Steak with a Side of Schnabel

It’s only April and we’ve already found the perfect venue for the UnBeige Holiday Party! As part of its recent $1.5 million renovation led by architect Glen Coben, New York City’s venerable Old Homestead steakhouse has converted a closet into the Schnabel Room (pictured above), a private dining space hung with framed black-and-white photographs by artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel. The Schnabel vibe is heightened by one of the room’s walls, the former brick exterior of the 137-year-old restaurant, which is left exposed and emblazoned with words like PRIME and BEEF in a slightly shaky hand reminiscient of that of the artist. Old Homestead owners Marc and Greg Sherry unearthed the painted sign during the renovations and retained it as “a sort of time capsule” as well as a not so subtle reminder of the specialties of the house: “the four major food groups: beef, beef, beef, and beef.”
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