Daily News Columnist Visits the Borough That Voted Trump

Headline frames Staten Island as New York region's political "Idaho."

In hindsight, members of the New York media would have been well-served to have spent more time during the 2016 U.S. election campaign in Staten Island.

The New York borough, which has been resolutely Republican since the 1960s, voted 57% in favor of Donald Trump in Tuesday’s election. New York Daily News columnist Gersh Kuntzman alighted there Wednesday and his report features anecdotal reminders of why Trump was able to strike a nationwide ballot-box chord. From his piece:

“There are five reasons I voted for Trump,” said Mike Frange, 63, of Oakwood. “One, Obamacare is a disaster. Two, regulations are killing business. Three, the economy should be growing at 4%. Four, he’s against free trade, you know, Napster, so that companies like Carrier can’t move to Mexico.”

Obviously, Frange meant NAFTA, not Napster, which is a long-gone file sharing system, but I decided to ask him if he realized that free trade helps consumers like him when they buy, say, one of those Carrier air conditioners.

Kuntzman is, separately, one of the few New York journalists calling out the inanity of the Trump protests. For a paper that has continually fried Trump on its front page. Ballsy. He begins his piece about that topic with the lede, ‘Enough with the tantrums, children,’ followed by this second-paragraph observation:

I didn’t want Donald Trump, either, but he’s my president now — and he’s yours, and your neighbors’, and that guy in Iowa’s, and that guy in Florida’s.

Image via: @StatenIsleNews