Staten Island Production Company Clowns Local, National Media

SIClownPicFuzz on the Lens Productions has authored a number of shorts and features. But nothing – not even their revisiting of the Halloween horror franchise – has come close to the publicity generated by the company’s “Staten Island Clown” stunt.

Company principal Michael Leavy tried to deny the connection at first. But when Staten Island Advance reporter Mark D. Stein reiterated some Post info and pointed out that Leavy was Facebook friends with two others also responsible for spreading the early viral word, the SI Clown caper was blown*:

“Just saw that,” he said of the New York Post story. “I think he’s funny and this whole thing (is funny), so if people want to think it’s me or whoever I won’t stop them, maybe I should go get a clown suit though, hopefully they are not sold out.”

When told of the Facebook post linking the bunch, he changed his tune.

“It’s a small island and we’ve been trying to get as many people associated with Fuzz on the Lens as possible,” said Leavy.

To front their viral PR efforts, the gang at Fuzz enlisted the help of stand-up comedian Vic Dibitetto. The comic has been reaping rapid-fire media appearances, including one for tonight’s Inside Edition. Stein, at the top of his updated piece, commendably takes one for the team:

It seems that we – and a bunch of other media outlets – were had.



*Update (3:00 p.m.):
This bozo trail just got a little weirder. Once again via Advance reporter Stein, those earlier comments by Leavy have not been seemingly clarified:

Leavy elaborated on his comments Tuesday, adding he’s been receiving messages from [Vincenjt] Innocente and Dibitetto asking if he or anyone with the company coordinated the clown craze to trick them.

“I have told them and everyone else the same I have told you guys. If you want to believe it is me or whoever you’re more then welcome,” said Leavy. “It’s a small island and Fuzz on the Lens is a well known production company here so I’m sure its not hard to link us to a lot of islanders in one way or another.”