Statement From Lily Burk’s Parents

From the LA Times:

As police continued their search Sunday for a suspect in the slaying of 17-year-old Lily Burk, her parents said their daughter’s death was tragic proof of how fragile and short life can be.

“The thing we want people to know about Lily is that she was a beautiful person and that she was looking forward to her life. She was funny, warm, kind and empathetic. She was deeply and widely loved,” read the statement from Deborah Drooz and Gregory Burk, a Times freelancer who writes about pop music.

“Lily was looking forward to going to college, to being a writer, to what was ahead,” her parents said in the statement. “She had a really bright future and it was cut short. If there is anything that people can take away from this horrible tragedy, it’s that life is fragile and that they should live every minute of it fully.”