Congressman Joe Wilson To Deliver State of The Union Response Via Facebook

Joe Wilson, a Congressman from South Carolina, has decided to deliver a live response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address on Wednesday via Facebook. The Republican has opted for Facebook over Youtube – which was the video messaging platform of choice for campaign marketing during the 2008 Presidential elections.

Joe Wilson, became infamous for slinging “You Lie!!” at President Obama, during his last speech to a joint session of Congress. Keeping up with his tradition of responding aggressively to Obama, Wilson will respond live on his Facebook Fan page roughly half an hour after the conclusion of the State of the Union.

Wilson’s address would be similar to a video chat with friends. Dustin Olson, the campaign manager for Wilson told CNN that:

Just like you and I would talk with our friends through the Internet [Wilson] is going to sit there with a Mac Book and camera on it and talk directly with people across the country.

Wilson has also sent out a status update on his fan page asking his fans to invite their friends and family to his live response:

Tonight the President will give his State of the Union speech. I will respond live on Facebook. RSVP to the event and ask your friends and family to join you.

Wilson’s address will be an interactive session, as the Congressman plans to take up a select amount of questions submitted during his address by fans. To listen to Wilson’s address and ask him questions, join his Facebook fan page here.

Wilson is trying to mimic some of the social media strategies that Obama used to great advantage during his presidential campaign. The White House announced that Youtube users can submit questions that would be answered on Youtube by President Obama one week after the State of the Union. Similarly, Wilson would be recording his live response and putting it up on his Youtube page.

It seems that other politicians have started to understand the advantages of Social Media. With such awareness we can be assured that Social Media sites would likely be an intense battle ground in all political campaigns in times to come.