State Dept. Reverses Decision, Allows Harvard Fellow into the U.S.

The Harvard University Nieman Foundation fellow from Colombia, who was denied a student visa by the U.S. government, has been allowed to enter the country.
The State department denied Hollman Morris access due to the “terrorist activities” portion of the Patriot Act, in part because of his coverage didn’t paint the South American government body well. During his reporting, Morris would often interview anti-government groups and leaders, which seems to be the reason the U.S. denied him access. It was the first time a Harvard fellow was not allowed into the U.S. by the American government.
Harvard urged the State Department to reverse the decision, and the news thrilled the fellow’s curator.
“We’re very pleased that the situation has been resolved this way,” said curator Bob Giles. “Many concerned individuals worked together to support Hollman during the past month and we’re looking forward to having him join us at Harvard. His valuable expertise and insights will be a welcome addition to our new class of Nieman Fellows.”
Congrats to Morris and enjoy the states.