Startup Wants to Force Your Press Releases ‘Underground’

This morning we got a tip indicating that Madison Avenue Ventures, one of many ‘startup incubators’, has officially acquired PRUnderground.

This is newsworthy primarily because the MAV has acquired so few startups so far, and its food app Eatopia won’t even launch until January. So someone thinks there’s a market ready for a new distribution tool and that “social media press release” is a novel product.

In case you haven’t heard of it, this company is the latest provider of super-cheap releases, hyping its service with a quick tagline:

Like others in its space, PRUnderground offers flexible pricing plans and big promises:

We are a new generation of press release distributors.

Social media releases are made so that they can get picked up via social networking channels, social bookmark channels, RSS feed, forums and related blogs. Wire services push your press release to traditional media outlets such as journalist and online newswires.

For certain releases PR Underground sends them as well to CNN iReport, Reddit, the Associated Press, and others depending upon the appropriateness of the news in the release.

Are those fighting words? Don’t worry—this company will not make your job obsolete, because:

If it did we would charge more than $39.

As of this week, PRUnderground does, at the very least, have more funding than “$100 PR“. How well does it work, and how does it differ from competitors?

Good questions. You tell us.