Starbucks (US): Pay Using an iPhone or BlackBerry. Android App in the Queue

Starbucks has been experimenting with paying for products in their stores in a number of cities and stores embedded in Starbucks. The experimental phase is now in production phase according to the first tweet seen to the left. The nearly 6800 company operated stores in the U.S. will begin to accept payments from the Starbucks apps available for the iPhone (iPod touch too) or BlackBerry.

The Starbucks mobile card app can be reloaded (add funds) using PayPal or a credit card. The app generates a barcode that is displayed on the iPhone or BlackBerry display that is scanned at the register. You may be familiar with this process that is often available for airline and movie tickets.

The tweet seen in the second screenshot here assures Android users that an app for them is in the development queue.

Via Mashable: Starbucks Starts Accepting Mobile Payments Nationwide