Star Wars Junket Skips the Screening Part

Final PR score: Disney VII, press corps Nulla.

When film critic Devin Faraci tweeted way back at the beginning of October that “I honestly believe Disney could hold a Star Wars junket without even screening the movie for press,” he definitely knew what he was talking about. Overseas around that time and this past weekend in Los Angeles, that’s exactly what Disney did.

There was a lot of resulting social media chatter from unhappy film journalists. Then again, this is a film for which Disney could have gotten away with not even holding a press junket at all. One, because the film has obviously generated its own momentum; and two, due to the fact that every film blogger and critic is writing about the Dec. 18 release non-stop already.

Vanity Fair Hollywood editor Katey Rich floated the question on Twitter over the weekend, wondering if any colleagues had been put in such a situation before. The general consensus was that outside of film festivals and situations where the movie is a stinker, this was indeed is a junket rarity.

Further underscoring the new Episode VII normal was the fact that Disney brought to L.A. many mommy bloggers and such to do interviews and share their experiences via social media with the hashtag #StarWarsEvent.