Le Monde Says ‘Non’ to Disney’s Star Wars Review Contract

Spoiler alert: Disney's French reps goofed.

Towards the end of today’s explanation by France’s Le Monde newspaper as to why readers should not expect a timely review on Wednesday of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (the film opens there two days earlier, Dec. 16), there is this sentence:

Certainly, we can agree with Mickey Mouse that “spoiler” is a sin.

However, that in no way means the paper was willing to agree to a release outlining Disney’s definition of plot spoilers, and punishment if those so-called spoilers were put forth in review form by the signatory, in exchange for access to the advance screening Tuesday night.

Readers are going to town with this galactic faux pas, with one – ribisma – suggesting for example that perhaps Disney would like to place moviegoers in lockdown after they see the film, so that they don’t “spoil” it for others. In another portion of today’s Le Monde piece, Disney is described as the “company with big round ears.” And those appendages, in Burbank, are burning.

[H/T: Farran Nehme]