Anatomy of a Disputed Sofia Vergara Photo

From Instagram to Instagram

Headshot of Richard Horgan

We’re all familiar with those “updated” tags next to a digital article’s time-stamp, indicating that changes were made to an item after it was originally posted. Sometimes, that’s where all the action is.

On Wednesday, via Instagram, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara accused Star magazine of digitally removing the wedding ring from her hand in a photo used on the cover. Among the reporters picking up this social-media-celebrity news trail was Huffington Post entertainment writer Julia Brucculieri, who posted an item late yesterday afternoon. Today, around the lunch hour, the following was added:

In response to Vergara’s social media post, a spokesperson for American Media, Inc., Star’s parent company, told HuffPost via email:

Although Ms. Vergara has claimed that Star removed her wedding ring from a photograph on its cover that was taken during “that award night in Rome,” the photograph in which Ms. Vergara is pictured without her wedding ring was taken in Los Angeles on April 15, after she returned from Rome, and appears on page 34 of the magazine.

The photo shown on page 34 was, ironically, also originally shared via Instagram, by Vergara’s son Manolo Alfonzo. It appears to have since been deleted. The photo showed Vergara seated among a group at a table, wearing what Star claimed was her engagement ring rather than wedding ring. Which is dubbed by a source in the caption as “never a good sign.”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.