Stalker Alert!

This basement-dwelling fanboy does not like our posts about conservative activist and videographer Michelle Fields of The Daily Caller. No need to rehash what the posts said here, but the saga seems to have struck a nerve with people associated with all sorts of websites, the latest being the one he pimps in this “momma’s basement” video. He claims he’s “freshly showered”. We have our doubts.

He’s never met Michelle “J-Dot” Fields, but that doesn’t stop him from calling her a “friend.”

Aside from his inability to figure out where his webcam is and look into it (or make air-quotes into it), this delusional basement dweller thinks he’s “pretty” and that we’re in “cahoots” with the Occupy movement.

He also thinks we hate everything popular, anything that makes money, pretty things and “smart brains,” amongst other things. What he didn’t list was unshaven, freshly showered freaks who live in a basement and claim ownership of the Tea Party and make creepy videos about women he’s never met. Which is weird because that’s at the top of the list.

Yeah, he’s got some issues.

Michelle, you might want to keep an eye out for this guy.

Watch here. But we’re warning you, the creepy factor is sky high.