3 Spy Sex Scandals To Gross You Out

The sex scandal centered on Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and his mistress has drawn all sorts of parallels to James Bond and other spy novels. In light of it all Ranker.com, a site dedicated to making lists of things, has “13 Torrid Sex Scandals Involving Spies.”

Here are our top three…

3. The Asian Remedy

Won Jeong-hwa was a North Korean spy who in 2001 had affairs with multiple South Korean army officers and passed along their intel to the North. Ranker cites “one source” who suggests Jeong-hwa may have been able to seduce so many officials by having years of special sex training and also using “tricks” like utilizing drug-laced diaphragms to “further enthrall” the men.

2. No Peking!

In 1964 Bernard Bouriscot, a 20-year-old French diplomat, had an affair with Chinese Peking Opera star Shi Pei Pu. Bouriscott passed French secrets to Chinese officials, thinking it was saving Pei Pu from government persecution. It turns out Pei Pu was a man. Ranker implies Pei Pu even had male genitalia yet Bouriscot somehow remained clueless to the fact that he had not been having sex with a woman. Granted, Pei Pu was Asian, if you catch our drift.

1. Russian Cock-Tail

John Vassall was a low-level British diplomat working in Moscow when he was photographed by Soviet spies in a rather compromising position (we assume that position was on all fours): The photos showed Vassall participating in a drunken gay orgy. Because it was 1954 and that sort of thing was heavily frowned upon, Vassall chose to pass on classified info to the Soviets rather than have the photos made public.