Spy Puck Party: ‘Freeze-Dried’ Version Of Yore

Funny party: Weinstein, Carter, Andersen, Kalogerakis

Harvey Weinstein hosted one of the must-attend book parties of the year last night at the Puck building in honor of the much-revered Spy magazine anthology Spy: The Funny Years. And what was a simple book party — albeit a star-studded media one — quickly became a public pulpit for Weinstein and Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, one of the founders of Spy, to bark about a Bush administration already reeling from a decimated House and afternoon ousting of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Weinstein started his party speech by thanking Carter for his “relentless” criticism of Bush. Carter himself said Bush lied during his post-midterm election speech, but that’s to be expected, he said.

Kurt Andersen, who co-founded Spy with Carter, quickly thanked Carter and Weinstein, and former Spy deputy editor George Kalogerakis reluctantly grabbed the mic to say, simply, “The bar’s still open.”

Apart from Rumsfeld, most of the cocktail conversation included an anectodotal variation on the “I remember being at a Spy party in this room 20 years ago, man” theme, one which never seemed to tire.

spy_funny_years_book.jpgThe room was filled with the sort of boldfaced media names that, if Spy still existed, would be perfect fodder for its pages: Anna Wintour, Harpers editor Lewis Lapham, Time Inc. editorial director John Huey and managing editor Jim Kelly, gossip-for-hire Lloyd Grove, Sex And The City author Candace Bushnell, writer Anthony Hayden-Guest, Simpsons writer (and Spy contributor) Larry Doyle, Best Week Ever producer Fred Graver, ex-Page Six scribe and book party outlaw Ian Spiegelman, Vanity Fair‘s Jessica Coen, Gawker Media’s Lockhart Steele, Jossip’s David Hauslaib, New York Times style columnist Bob Morris, He’s Just Not That Into You co-author Liz Tuccillo, WWD‘s dynamic duo Stephanie Smith and Irin Carmon, AdAge‘s Nat Ives, New York Times media reporter and former Spy guy David Carr, omnipresent amNY dating columnist Julia Allison, BusinessWeek‘s Jon Fine, Gawker’s new co-editor Emily Gould, Republican Playbook author and comedian Andy Borowitz, Village Voice editor David Blum, Dealbreaker founder Elizabeth Spiers, New York Observer‘s Michael Calderone, Radar‘s Jeff Bercovici, Page Six’s Corynne Steindler and editor Richard Johnson (who upon arrival refused to be photographed by Gawker’s roving party crasher Nikola Tamindzic) and a guy we mistook for Richard Belzer. “You’re gonna be disappointed,” he said. “I’m his brother. I get it all the time.”

Graver summed up the gathering in typical BWE style: “It’s like a freeze dried version of a Spy party 20 years ago.”

We were nine, so we’ll take his wavy-haired word for it.


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    Our own brief photogallery:

    Carter feted Spy, criticized the Bush administration