Spotify Wants to Be All Things to All Consumers

But will it work?

Spotify scored headlines everywhere this week for a couple of projects designed to let consumers know that it’s not just the app you use to stream Katy Perry in secret.

First, it partnered with Starbucks in a complex deal that essentially turns baristas into DJs and embeds Spotify into the Starbucks experience.

Then today it announced that it would soon add video and podcast content as well as customized playlists organized by user history (and even workout routine) rather than genre. Wired wrote that “Spotify Wants to Fill an Entertainment Gap That Isn’t There” and implied that the new features would be used but might not attract new customers.

But Spotify doesn’t just want new subscribers. It also wants to be seen as a force for social good.

Here’s a video, released yesterday, which highlights one of the company’s CSR efforts: a partnership with the Starkey Hearing Foundation of the Philippines which helped provide locals with hearing aids.

The film is moving–but will the company’s attempts to be all things to all consumers work? Will Spotify prove to be as essential as iTunes?

We like Spotify. We pay for Spotify. But we’re not so sure.