Spotify Adds Video, Original Content and ‘Spotify Running’

Turner, ABC, ESPN, Vice among new video partners

Spotify… it's not just for music anymore. The Anglo-Swedish company best known for streaming music is aiming to become a 24-hour entertainment destination announcing new video offerings at an event in New York City this morning.

Spotify, which has provided 25 billion listening hours, is adding video clips and audio shows to its library, including news, podcasts and entertainment video. CEO Daniel Ek addressed the crowd, explaining that adding video content seemed "inevitable."

A global partnership with Turner was also announced, including Adult Swim programming and buzz-worthy Conan segments. ABC, BBC, ESPN, NBC, TED, MTV, Vice, Slate, Comedy Central and Fusion are also partnering up with Spotify.

"Today we're introducing a new Spotify experience that's more accessible, personal, and usable than anything in music," Ek said. "We believe it will keep users happy and engaged with Spotify throughout the day."

Video isn't the only change coming to the service. Ek promised more original content in the near future, including: 

  • Presenting (audio): Artist-presented radio shows
  • A Full English (video): A conversation between artists and personalities, who try to find common ground over a meal.
  • Incoming (audio): A weekly audio show hosted by Joe Levy and guests.
  • Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, Dance Move of the Day (video): A fun way for the adventurous to get their dance party started.
  • Guest List (video): Ever wondered what your fave music star sings in the shower? Or what they want played at their funeral? Tune in to find out.
  • Turntable (video):  Bringing chefs and musicians together for an intimate performance and meal.

Rochelle King, vp of user experience and design, announced a new screen called Now, which promises to learn what users prefer to listen to and will adapt over time to fit specific moods and taste.

Nerdist News and Comedy Central's Broad City were used as examples of the video content now available on Spotify during the presentation. Broad City creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer joined King on stage.

"We literally love Spotify," Glazer joked. "The way it feels under our fingertips, you know?"

Spotify's chief product officer Gustav Söderström discussed the music side of the business and another new feature, Spotify Running. Partnerships with Nike+ and RunKeeper will help Spotify determine a runner's tempo, matching music to their workout pace.

"We decided to rethink the whole approach, starting with the user interface," Söderström said before describing an "entirely new track format" that can "magically rearrange" to fit your current pace.

If you live in the U.S., U.K., Sweden or Germany, you officially have a new form of entertainment. Other countries will be getting the overhaul in the near future.