Sports in 140 Characters or Less

Five athletes or journos you should be following on Twitter

Much like Twitter, the sports world can be extremely crowded and a complex space to comprehend. But Twitter can also be the ultimate tool for these sports figures, in terms of breaking news, informing their followers, or, like many of us, just saying whatever they please. Adweek sifted through all of the Twitter-happy athletes and journalists, and has determined that these five are definitely worth following.

Adam Schefter


The ultimate insider, this ESPN personality regularly tweets to his 2-million-plus followers, breaking the biggest news spanning the NFL. Last week, for example, he reported that the Oakland Raiders had hired former New York Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano as assistant head coach, offensive line.

Buster Olney


With baseball season right around the corner, fans will want to follow THE baseball guy, a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine, for all the latest MLB news. (You can also catch him on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight.) Recent tweet: “D-Backs talks with Braves about JUpton resume; ATL said to be in hard on this.”

Kevin Durant


The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Durant is one of the top five players in the NBA, a superstar on and off the court. But don’t tweet him if you don’t mean it—dude might actually show up at your house for a game of flag football (true story).

Chad Ochocinco


He is arguably the most prolific tweeter out there (boasting nearly 40,000). Just don’t get him mad or he might hit you with a #ChildPlease. More recently, the free agent seems to have gone all squishy: “I haven’t felt this great in so long … I love everybody and I’m at peace.”

Jose Canseco


Canseco may be retired from professional sports, but the outlandish former “bash brother” (with Mark McGuire, when both were with the Oakland A’s) holds nothing back when it comes to his wacky tweets. To wit: “Yes time travel is possible. Will explain later.” 

@iamjohntejada John Tejada is a video producer for Adweek.