‘Sporting News’ Debuts Digital Daily

NEW YORK Sporting News on July 23 will launch “Sporting News Today,” a daily editorial product that will be e-mailed each morning to a list of subscribers in a hybrid format the company calls a “daily digital sports newspaper.”

The digital newspaper’s content will be heavily news driven, aimed at what Sporting News executives see as a growing universe of die-hard sports fans on the Internet. The product, which utilizes technology licensed from the digital magazine firm Texterity, has been designed to reproduce the visual packaging of a newspaper while blending the navigation of the Web, according to publisher Ed Baker: “Physically, it looks like a newspaper, it reads like a newspaper and feels like a newspaper.”

Readers can jump to various sections (each issue will have at least 24 pages), but Baker said the digital newspaper’s layout should make it easier for them to find what they want to read. “The content is built into pages, which is way different than having to go here to here to there to read what you want,” he said.

The product will not carry advertising until the company builds up a significant subscriber base, said Baker (it launches with roughly 30,000 subscribers). But eventually, the product will feature video ads, standard IAB units and even “half-page” newspaper-type ads.

To promote the launch, the company has enlisted its magazine, Web site and Sporting News Radio, which is delivered on both XM and Sirius Satellite radio. A portion of that radio show will be rebranded as “Sporting News Today” in conjunction with the digital newspaper’s launch.