‘Spin’ Shakes Up Leadership

Declining ad sales leads to ousters

Spin ousted its editor-in-chief Doug Brod and publisher Malcom Campbell yesterday. Some believe the shake-up was fueled by the magazine’s declining ad sales amid the overall poor health of print advertising in the face of shifting patterns of music consumption.

The magazine is reconfiguring its editorial pecking order. Devin Pedzwater, the point man for Spin’s iPad app, will become the brand’s creative director, with the responsibility of editorial oversight. His No. 2 will be Charles Aaron, who will assume the editorial director's spot. Deputy editor Steve Kandell will assume the editor-in-chief position. Mike Albanese will take up the tough job of publisher.

Albanese is tasked with bulking up the pages of a magazine that has continued to thin over the past few years. In 2008, the alternative music magazine enjoyed more than 654 ad pages. A downward spiral since then has resulted in a decline of 37 percent, leaving the publication with just 413 pages last year.

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